Instakilt Gallery

This picture of an American family all wearing Instakilt's is my absolute favourite.

One of these American's really looks like Bobby Ewing from Dallas.

Christmas is our busiest selling season. Instakilt is the perfect family Christmas present.

This is the display at the Canadian Tire store at the Eaton Centre, Toronto during the Christmas season.

Canadian architect's at Algonquin Park wearing Nova Scotia tartan Instakilt's.

The Instakilt photoshoot, nine years ago.

I have no explanation for this.

I was feeling very nervous at this point.

I felt much less nervous 15 minutes later. 

One day I will bring Microfiber adventure towels to the market. 

A nice, fancy header card.

Kilt golf towels would be just as popular as Kilt golf our opinion anyway. 

 Who is this Scottish mystery man at Niagara Falls?

We cannot accept responsibility for this.


Instakilt in Morocco!

The Prime Minister of the Bahamas!